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Gopro Filming Lengths

Equipment StevenWebb COMMENTS 14 Mar, 2015

We have been experimenting with our HERO 4 with a 64GB card, to see how much filming you can do on different settings before the card becomes full.

Are results are as follows:

GoPro HERO 4 (64GB card) Protune OFF

Quality Frames Per Second (fps) Amount of video (Hours and Minutes)
2.5K 30 2hrs 26min
1080p 60 3hrs 04min
720p 60 2hrs 36min
720p 120 3hrs 28min
480p 60 0hrs 49min

These are just what we have found, others may have found it to be different.
If you have used or have a GoPro Hero 4, and have found something different to what we have above, please feel free to let us know!

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