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FARNE ISLANDS SEPTEMBER 2021 Come see the seals

Want to experience some of the best UK diving?  

Come to the Farne Islands.

September 2021

Please email amber@galaxsea.co.uk to register your interest!



With almost 30 small islands and rock outcrops depending on the tide the Farne Islands are a tourist hotspot for bird watchers and scuba divers alike. The Farne Islands provide divers with a variety of dive sites suitable for all levels of divers and include a plethora of marine life including a vast array of anemone, dead man fingers, crustaceans and of course the famous seals. It is hard to miss the seals, mainly because the grey seal colony at the Farnes numbers around about 5,000!

 Come and see the seals!

The seals at the Farne islands are famous for being curious and will often play with divers in the water, or swim around you to show you their impressive underwater acrobatics. Previous customers have known the seals to be quite mischievous, such as hitching rides on your legs or fins, blowing bubbles at you, and even trying to pull the hoods off the diver's heads!

Other than the seals, the Farne islands are known for its many wrecks, popular with both recreational and technical divers. Wrecks include 'Somali,' a 6810-ton passenger-cargo ship, 'San Andreas,' 'Britannia'  and 'Abyssinia' to name a few. 

But even without the seals and wrecks, there are still lots to see. For example the islands are mainly comprised of whinstone. Whinstone is prone to weathering and as a result, there are lots of strange patterns and topography of steps and sheer faces to the islands above and below water. 

Our trip consists of leaving on a Sunday late morning/early afternoon to arrive at our accommodation. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we get to dive before returning home on Wednesday evening. 

Whilst our dates are not confirmed yet, please register your interest with us and we will then keep you posted. 

Contact us for further details and to book on!