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Equipment requirements:

Below is a table that shows how often your BCD and Regulators should be serviced.
However, it is suggested that if your equipment has been in storage, not used for a while or you have purchased second-hand equipment, it is recommended that you get the serviced before use to ensure they are in good working condition and are safe to use.

  Why Get Them Serviced? How Often Should I Get Them Serviced?
We use these pieces of equipment to keep us buoyant in water. We also use them to control our buoyancy during our dives. The mechanisms to inflate and deflate our BCD’s can tire from wear and tear. It is important to service these to ensure they work to their maximum efficiency. Also, when diving in salt water, the BCD can form salt crystals inside the bladder which could lead to a puncture.

Annually - We recommend that BCDs are serviced annually but if you use your BCD on a regular basis it may be worth getting it serviced a little more often, especially if you dive in salt water frequently.
Regulators  It is important to ensure our main life support equipment is in top working condition at all times. Even when they are not being used they are under constant spring pressure can still wear over time.
Yearly or every 100 dives (whichever comes first)
– Yearly servicing is important in maintaining your equipment. If you are a regular diver and do more then 100 dives in the year it is advisable to have your regulators checked every 100 dives to ensure good working condition of this vital part of your equipment.


If you have any questions about equipment servicing, or would like to find out more information, feel free to contact on of our team.

Want to know what is involved?
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