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VTL8000P Rechargeable Video/Tech Light

Big Blue

VTL8000P Rechargeable Video/Tech Light

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8000 Lumens:Black: Out of Stock
The VTL8000P is one of Bigblue's most popular lights. The VTL8000P has the flexibility to use both a wide and narrow beam torch, so you can shoot a video with the wide beam and still have access to a penetrating narrow beam. The VTL8000P is one light with two beams! The VTL8000P has four power settings and a maximum burn time of 30 hours! The VTL8000P uses a 18650x4 rechargeable battery, which is easily removed for quick charging. The VTL8000P comes with a one-inch ball mount, a Goodman Glove (TLGGLOVE), a yellow filter (FILYEL63) and comes in a dry bag. The VTL8000P has a lighted battery level indicator, a built-in SOS mode and a built-in red led setting for enhances focusing performance.
- 8000 Lumens
- Wide 120° Beam Angle and Narrow 10° Beam Angle
- 4-Level push button on/off switch with battery level indicator
- Powered by a rechargeable 18650x4 lithium-ion battery
- Up to 30hours burn time
- Rated waterproof to 100metres
- Come in a dry bag


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